Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mom's 60th Anniversary


I can't imagine what emotions you live with on the 24th, as you remember so many of life's joys w/ Dad over the decades. I hope that w/ whatever hurt or loss that comes with knowing that Dad is not here with us anymore that the celebration of your life together predominates in your heart.

As you know, you and Dad showed all of us, your children, a good and stable way in the world. I think you can see that lesson learned (with some bumps along the way...) in all four of our lives, marriages and assorted collection of ten grandchildren. There is so much to be joyful and proud of on this annual celebration of the bounty of your wedding and marriage.

We are definitely thankful, as you and Dad offered us the world, life, a stable home, ambition and curiosity. Not a bad card in the hand, I'd say. That mixture of modern American w/ ancient Jewish life. The secular and sacred. Eyes on the world around us and a remembrance of the heavens above. We are a healthy mixture of both... thanks to you and Dad.

I'll call tonight as we've had limited electricity these days, then out for Shakun's b-day, Josh's joyful return and friends' Xmas celebrations.

Waiting to hear your voice soon, too!

lots of love, Keith, Shakun, Josh, Ezi and Leah

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