Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Evening in Kathmandu

Friends & Family,

Well, as an unrepentant Luddite in the Himalaya, I created one blogspot a week ago (with Ez's help...) and then, promptly, forgot exactly what I'd done...

So, while Joshua is watching his beloved Liverpool battle the favored Arsenal in their home turf, and Ez, his adored Man United having already seen off Blackburn last night, having gone to bed, I'm taking second chance at starting a new Lesliechand family blog.

Of course, there's much to reflect upon, both within the family & w/in the daily life of Nepal -- but I'll save that for later this week, once Josh assures me that this website is up with the family site that he & Ez created last month.

So, while Shakun and Ms. Leah sleep, I'll say, 'goodnight'. xoxo, K.

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