Friday, January 14, 2011

The Trip to the Top, by Leah PR Leslie

The Trip to the Top

By Leah Prajna Rose Leslie

"I'm getting bored."

"Me too. Think of a happy place," Lillie said.

"Lilllie, what are you doing?"

"I'm thinking to have fun."

I whispered to Lily, "I have an idea. We are in the forest, right? And we
are going to the elephants, right? So let's find mushrooms."

"Okay. I love that idea."

"Look at the whole bunch on the tree. It looks like steps."

"Can I touch them?" Lily said.

I said, "Yeah, sure. They're not poisonous."

It looked like Lily was afraid, and then she said, "Yuck."

"What?" Iris said.

Lily said, "It's slimy! Look! There's a field."

We walked to the field.

"Hey look, there's so many elephants!" siad Iris.

The grass was short and there were trees around the field. There were
heaps of hay. First we were afraid to touch the elephants. But then we got
used to them. The trainers were starting to make them food, so we played
with the elephants. We climbed their trunks. They felt rough and tough.

They acted like it was a massage.

"This is fun!" Iris said.It was fun for us to.

"Yeah," I said.

"Cool!" Lily said.

Then we gave them food. The trainers let us feed them. It was fun. The
food was hay and grains.

It was time for us to eat too. Iris looked hungry and our parents came and
said, "Did you have fun?"

"Yes!" we said. Then we had to go and after 4 days they came to my house
but that was a whole diffent story.

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