Saturday, December 4, 2010

iSwift, 'a little face of heaven'...

joshu and ezi,

just to let you know that 'i can't take my eyes off of you' as leah and i are totally into taylor swift these days. 'superstar', if you get what we mean. it's all 'romeo and juliet' over here on the itunes and on her ipod.

iswift, you could say.

it's not just happening in the dining hall of DSC, but up here on the hillside where 'that beautiful smile' lingers as taylor billows in her ballads and heart strings. could be why ms. leah is so keen to start her guitar lessons again. she's been picking out cords after watching anna have her w/end lessons over in sanepa. i found a tibetan guitar teacher who teaches english at the CCD. he was the tutor to natalie ring for her english, too. he has his own rock band, he says, playing dylan and neil young.

'i need my window open', as she sings, 'b/c she doesn't want to go that far... talk to yourself... talk to the man who put you here...'

hopefully he'll start this w/end, although he has to come all the way from jawalakhel, so he wants a two hour session w/ leah. let's see if she's up for that much guitar on one day. otherwise, i've asked about the b'kantha school, as well.

taylor does those high notes so exquisitely. 'caught up in her... untouchable... in the middle of the night when i'm in this dream...'

'c'mon. c'mon.'

ahh, those plucked guitar notes in the midst of her vocals. how the heart calls out for another soul in such songs. there's a whole lot of vitality and life in her petite figure. the magic of music, as we've always known. whether dylan or van or joni or tupec or death cab for cuties or regina or the script or mozart...

c'mon in the middle of the night... how we long for the beauty and transcendence of music.

i know how much music i listened to during college. late nights with the jefferson airplane, the beatles, the youngbloods, steely dan, more joni, of course. something more than precious, something that touched the soul at a time when the soul seemed so confused and uncertain.

the radiance of a human voice projecting thoughts, images, poetry across the mind. dreams of a better world. dreams of love that protected all. friendship that would never end. roads that stretched across the imagination. escapes from the daily reality of study and papers and classes. the raw twang of a guitar pulling at the tender heart strings inside.

'a million little stars calling out yer name...'

it's always the middle of the night in that dream. even sitting outside on a wintry day. grey clouds pressing down the heavens. there is that dream of a chord, a riff, a strumming along the vibrating strings that carry the soul back to the depths of emotions, joy, pain and tenderness. almost untouchable, except that it feels so true and clear and free.

that middle of the night that comes at any hour, just a 'little face of heaven'...

missing you both, but so happy to know that the music brings us together.

even leah now, too, caught up in the mystery of the sacred music.

'into the mystery', i think van sang... xoxo, dad, mom and leah

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