Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Unforgiving Road

those characters
who travelled with us frequently
while the first kind dropped off the path
without so much as a whispered farewell

and beyond these were the multitudes
in the many lands, the shadows on the cobblestones

but we had not come to know them in such a way
those spirits through which we flitted
our eyes shyly averted
lest they draw us into their world
and in doing so save us from ourselves

this we could not bear
yet we knew this journey would end ere long
if we remained on the unforgiving road

meanwhile across the shimmering valley
of each new kingdom
beyond the morning hills
written in the fingers of haze
that promised a glimpse of our destiny
we smiled, gazing once more backwards

dreaming that you would hear from us no more
and you would be gladly abandoned
to stumble... on your own journey
to the far off land
as it has always been
and will be
forever more

God be with you!

Lorenzo Rajah 
Portuguese traveler in Asia, 1697

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