Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ezra Settles back to NMH

"Well, I guess this is the first of my sporadic, albeit lengthy, emails to you guys over the course of the year (and as much as i know you enjoy my manner of communication I see no signs that I will change...although I will try...).

Life here at NMH doesn't really change, the faces change, the interactions might change, but it's still me heading off to classes, getting a bunch of errands done (to what end, who knows?) -- but they are errands that must be done nonetheless. 

Freshman orientation was great, I loved it!  The kids are great and it really was wonderful to be a part of the beginning of their high school journey and possibly even their adult life.  It's just so much fun to see that they're at a stage that they haven't even realized that they've reached -- I would look out at them and wonder if any one of them could recognize what a journey they have begun.  Chances are none of them have, but I guess that's the beauty -- since then it has just gotten better and better; putting them to bed, tucking them in, being a part of that young energy.

As with everything, there are always ups and downs, but it's all part and parcel in life so if you expect anything else, you'll be bound to being disappointed.  Classes are going well.  I'm in AP Env. Science, Biblical Interpretation, and Calculus.  Lets see how they go.  It's still way too early to tell what they'll be like, but as soon as I know I'll tell you ;).

Soccer is also going okay, not brilliant, but okay.  I think I have made the varsity team, but just barely -- they have a bunch of recruits so the team should be pretty good, but I still have yet to reach anywhere near my potential.  I actually sprained my ankle again yesterday, which is why I had the time to write this email now.  So I'm out for today and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow or on Saturday.  It's not a bad sprain, but it's best to err on the safe side of caution.

Other than that, I really have been out of the loop, being in freshman dorm is great, but the first couple of days/weeks are extremely busy and hectic because you are helping them get used to things and making sure they are all happy.  My room isn't completely setup, but it's getting there.  I'll probably buy a second pair of sheets so that I can have a double bed, and then as I told you guys I want to get some vegetation in here.

Mom you sound like your galavanting the political world of Nepal and doing all that you wanted so that sounds great just remember that happiness (and truth) begin and end from home. 

Dad your pictures are always wonderful to see and after all pictures tell a thousand words, so just make sure that you don't spend too much time commiserating with your sons across the pond: we're fine and before you know it we'll be seeing each other soon...

and Leah i hope you are painting your soul out....

lots and lots of love, ezi"

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