Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Josh Settles in at Georgetown

"College life on the hilltop has been exciting as I am meeting new people, going through orientation, meeting new people, finally starting classes, and, again, meeting new people, I know a bit tiring.  Yet, the fact is that everyday seems to be an adventure; whether it's walking all the way to White House or going to the DC United game and getting to meet and take a picture with Freddie Ljunberg, a famous Swedish football player whom I have watched ever since I began watching football.  This opulent city seems to have so much potential for inspiration and instilling a sense of direction that I already feel as if I can call it my muse, and if any of you pass through my city, yes I am taking it over, please do call because I would love to see you all."

Josh during his first week at college...

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