Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Joshua's Eulogy for 'Poppa'

It's hard to say something for someone who you loved and now is gone from the physical world. You want to say everything that he meant for you, but you also want to keep it short enough to respect the great and wonderful life he had.

To me, Poppa will always stay in my heart because he accepted my mother. He accepted what she meant to his son and three grandchildren. He did not look for the differences or similarities we had from the rest of his grandchildren, but instead brought us all together under his dream of a loving family.

And, even with all of our differences and similarities, the one wife, four children, ten grandchildren did not need this moment to come together; instead, Poppa, you have been the architect, creator and keystone of our family. However, your passing does not mean our tall building will collapse as you gave each of us the abilities, health and confidence to know that we can carry on the togetherness of our family.

We gather here today at the Keystone state of America before we go our separate ways to our own separate lives, but because of you, Poppa, we leave knowing that we can always count on each other for support and love. We are family.

Thank-you and rest in peace, Poppa. We love you.

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