Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Beyond Within

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

The Beyond Within: A Son's Prayer

Go in peace, my great Father.

Travel beyond the light and shadows.

As this passage has ended.

Your next journey just begun.

We can never understand this mysterious life

Or what comes for us after death.

Yet as your spirit passes through that unseen

Gateless gate,

Remember to leave some crumbs along the way,

So your children, family and friends can easily follow,

Each in our own time.

Please don’t mind if we don't rush,

Because we each have a bit more to do in this

Fragrant, passing, deceptively attractive world

We (temporarily) call ‘home’.

I know we won’t get lost along the way…

As our soul knows where to find you.

In that every place where the essence of being waits without time,

For each other.

Though, if somehow we forget to remind ourselves

That we, too, are coming,

One day. Alone. Like you.

Crossing to the other side.

We know that you will find us.

Beyond logic or prayers.

As the mystics say, ‘this is the nature of love...’

Within beyond.

Shimmering faintly in the full dark emptiness

We see every night above the Himalaya.

There for all to see,

And observe.

And learn from…

As your passage has taught us

That you will never be very far away, Dad.

Always among us

Nearby, within the beyond

The beyond within.

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