Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hymn to the Moving Silence

we did it.

they are doing it.

it's the nature of our lives.

to keep exploring.

we wander the wondrous wall-less world,

the images, people and nature around us.

then, slowly, we move inside.

to where we learn we really live.

where there's plenty of gestalt inside each of us

for a lifetime.

its time again to

observe. concentrate. reflect.

silently. silentl. silent. silen. sile. sil. si.. s...

watching my mind relentlessly create these waves.

floating perpetually within the skies of my mind.

forever attached and unattached.

my children! my sons!!

my Joshua! my Ezra!

both mine and not mine.

so I turn to my breath. in and out. out and in.

in/out. out/in. the rise and fall. the fall and rise.

here and there. nearby and far away.

us and them. me and you.

mother and father. husband and wife.

lover and friend.

father and son, still.

i am all and sometimes none -- or even both...

the halves that make an unseen whole.

the tao. advaita. universal. yaweh. brahma. sunyata.

as my emotions rise and fall

with the weather.

the constants and constraints

of this miraculous life

are its beguiling, yet superficial, inconsistencies,

my deepest, aching, longing feelings.

the rhythm of my life.

so, time again,

to put this emotional kayak back in the turbulent river.

since this metaphor never seems to end.

the source rarely even slows down.

just keeps churning, churning, churning

into the vortex

always alone

yet never alone, again.

this life of

moving silence.

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