Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ez Checks In!!

Heyy Parents!

Just a short one as term comes to a close. For public speaking
tonight, several of the professors spoke. It was wonderful, really
wonderful. Such a joy to be amidst living and vibrant minds, such a
joy to be amidst a living and vibrant community (such a joy to be
amidst dying and placid skies of night

I spoke to Josh today. It was fun. (Also) my phone died (rest in
) and he offered to send me a replacement (or rather I asked) so
it would be much appreciated if you placed dollars amounting to
seventy on his card. It will aid me on my travels.

And on travels...

I will be in LA on Friday with Tassos, his parents (there for parents
), and Noah Harris (whose girlfriend goes to Scripps), and
possibly Eamon (just along for the trip).


I will call very soon internationally and (specifically) you.

Love (post-Valentino), Ezi

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