Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eternity in our Children's Eyes...

Karen Shimada
February 14

Had a great night with your incredible son and he made me cry! We all thought of you and Shakun this weekend...... xoxoxox Karen

Keith D. Leslie
February 14

How fantastic!! I didn't know that you were at Lisa's memorial service, too. Josh said he was seeing Rajen, but not the whole gang. What joy! I hope the tears were of gladness and affection for all we have shared! xoxo, K.

Karen Shimada
February 15

Oh yes. It was so amazing to watch them all reconnect. In many ways I couldn't look at them without seeing them as little boys!!! They are each still so very much themselves.

Josh is amazing and such a delight to interact with. A perfect combination of you and Shakun -- smart and sensitive; thoughtful and visionary; idealist and realist. Ironically he and Takumi are studying almost the same subjects/courses at college.

It was awesome to hear them move from chit chat and past memories (which were awesome, don't get me wrong), but right into their dreams for saving the world; social change; democracy debates; the fate of Singapore and Nepal. Challenging each other. Laughing and heating up!! I loved it.

What made me cry is that at one point, Josh says spontaneously, "Hey Karen listen to this: your two sons are studying about political-economics and how to change the world.... isn't this cool? Aren't you proud?".

OMG. I just got all teary. We talked about how these kids can always grow and meet more people, but they will always only have one childhood, with one set of bros, who
Will be there for each other for the rest of their lives .... Wow.....

It was also sweet to hear Josh talk about his love for Nepal and you and Shakun. You guys did a great job in raising him. Well, our village did a great job in raising all the kids!!!! So precious.

The memorial for Lisa was beautiful. I'll send photos.

Love to u and Shakun!! Hope to see you one of these days. Xoxoxx. K

Keith D. Leslie
February 19

Karen, I cudn't respond immediately as your note touched such a range of emotions, memories and thoughts. Thank-you!

Our kidz shared such a magical, unique and loved childhood here in K'du they have come to recognize and, possibly, relive as they meet each other again in the US after a decade+ apart. It's a gift for them to have these lasting friendships as they must travel across some more complex cultural and social hurdles in their 20s.

Taku looks so mature, thoughtful and profoundly kind in these photos. We're soooo happy that he and Joshu have gotten to meet again (as for the first time, as they say...) as peers and friends. It seems that they share that youthful idealism and hope that often animated our lives, as well.

I hope that they continue to make wise life choices based on these uber-values of giving, compassion and social responsiblity. It's a great combination of our Western and Eastern traditions, as we both know and appreciate. The riches of the yin-yang in our sensitive and caring children.

I cud cry too... In fact, there is this constant ache in my soul, somewhere b/n my heart and stomach, where I long to be near Josh and Ez, hug them, listen to them, observe them, enjoy them, reflect on them, hear them, watch them...

Then let them go back out in that wide world, where they belong, as we must...

It's simply so dear and nice, Karen, that we are all in touch after so many years, that the bonds we created two decades ago last and, in those subtle and precious ways, continue to grow w/in ourselves and among our children...

Blessings for Lisa, for our friends, our parents, for us, for our children, for this struggling, breathing, ever-alive world which we inhabit and protect together for our children and, one day, even more precious future grandchildren...

We were given the gift to see eternity in a child's eyes...

Fortunately, we see it still...

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