Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hello My Parents! Ez Checks in from DSC

Hello my parents!

Lovely to hear from you! I have indeed been checking my email every odd day so, don't worry I'll be in touch, but the real limiting constraint is time -- that is something else though, and I'm sure i'll get around to that. It sounds like you both are thick in the routine of life -- be wary, its dangerous that routine thing. Although it can be lovely as well! I have to say though, I was disappointed not to get a little update on our dearest, Miss Leah Loo! How are things goes with Regina? Summer school? Pussy cats?

Thus far, I've had a really wonderful time here at Deep Springs. I wake up at 7-8ish every day to prepare the BH for breakfast, then clean up after breakfast, usually just in time for class. Class starts at 9 and goes on till 12 and has been really great, we have (as you know) been reading Hobbes, Nietzche, Locke, and one Melville story yesterday (Benito Cerrino).

It has really been engaging material and thought provoking, we/I have probably interacted most so far with Hobbes, but Nietsche's Genealogy of Morals never strays far from mind -- I think in terms of going "full retard" (the Tropic Thunder quote about actors who go 'full retard' in Hollywood never win Oscars) he definitely take the cake. He takes the idea of self reinvention and the individual to a completely different level -- his ubermensch, his zathura is something that i'm still fully trying to understand and since we've moved onwards will definitely be something i have to revisit.

Back to my routine though, after class I head back to the BH get ready for lunch, clean after lunch, then head back to the dorm, try and get some work done, chat with whoever is around, take a nap, practice the guitar, take a nap, and then lately have been trying to make the walk 10 minutes from campus, at the foot of some hills so an encline of sorts, and take a dip at the upper resevoir (also the site of a sauna), do a couple of laps, and then walk over to a little knoll of rocks over looking the green oasis of our campus in the midst of the mind blowing beauty of a fragile, and emancipating desert landscape.

And the sky, oh the sky! during the day a fantastic blue, with a wonderful variety of clouds, and then just below the jagged outline of the mountain ranges all around, and then at night stars the like of which i have rarely seen.

Anyhow, I then head back for dinner at 6ish, and cleaning after dinner usually goes till 8ish, when we have our ritual soccer game.

Its a motley crew of whoever shows up, and its great because most of these guys have hardly played before, but its a great release for everybody, an opportunity to just play. be kids running around the football, leave Nietzsche and his ubermensch, leave Hobbes and his leviathan, and just enjoy.

For me its also nice to be maybe the only player with a significant history of playing, a nice change from gruelling through injuries, coaches, and NMH fitness regimes. its nice to be messi for once, haha even if i know i'm playing in the lowest tier of football because its not even about skill, just about playing. That usualy ends with the arrival of night at 9ish (we play shoeless) and then work till 12-1ish and prepapre for the next day.

Anyway there is of course more to tell, but not for the time being. Be well, you guys are in my mind daily, let me know how things are going, and all of the ins and outs of Kathmandu (well, not all -- be selective).

Love, Ezra

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