Saturday, November 21, 2009

Runaway Bunny, the son's version...

You fight the inevitable and therefore will doom yourself to dissatisfaction.  I WILL have my own life, you WILL have your life, this is how the world works, but this world also isn't that big.  

No distance is insurmountable; it is the way you perceive it and work to make the spiritual gap smaller that will ultimately define the relationship we have. 

Don't fight rock with water.

I have accepted the inevitable.  It is time for you (guys) to come to terms with it. 

Our relationship will never be the same, but in its place it will be replaced by a new relationship.  Not new people, just a new relationship. 

Enjoy it!   As long as we both wish to maintain a strong relationship, which I know I do, than we will never face an endless rock, but if you keep trying to pretend that you can still fight the rock with water, then you will get nowhere.

Love, Ez

PS: The Rain King is always just around the corner - -that's the magic of living on a sphere,,,

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