Friday, August 31, 2007

Ezra's Explanation of Creation

In the beginning there were only two things: Space, tons of it, and The Spirit.

The Spirit is neither living nor dead, neither loving nor hating, neither human nor animal. It is simply, The Spirit. It comes in many different shapes and sizes; sometimes it doesn’t even come as a person -- but rather in the shape of a thought.

To some he is known as God, some people call him inspiration, while others pray to him through nature; but in this story, The Spirit is all of that and more!

The Spirit is earth, water, fire, and air. The Spirit is your mother and father, your brothers and sisters, your friends and enemies. It is yours (and everyone else’s) past, present, and future.

Yet often The Spirit is misunderstood —- life doesn’t happen because of The Spirit, The Spirit happens because of life!

Thus, life started with only Space and The Spirit.

The Spirit was everywhere and everything, and in the vast nothingness of Space, it called together all the smallest bits of something. From the vast corners of the endless Space came everything that was, and at the moment these met, The Spirit came into being at that moment in the shape of destiny.

In the moments that followed (whether it was a second or many years no one knows for at this age time was an irrelevant quantity), the greatest explosion of destiny ever was set loose by The Spirit.

A mass creation of everything we know followed. Suddenly, stars flew into place; solar systems roared into existence, planets blew into shape, and life slowly began its ascent to complete environments of living multi-cellular organisms.

One of these environments is known to us as our home, we call her, Mother Earth.

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