Friday, October 18, 2013

The Still Vibrant Humming World Around Us

There's a truth in hurt that sometimes illuminates more than easy acceptances.

That's why G-d created teachers like writers, rabbis, gurus, lovers, koans, artists, poets, rimpoches, swamis, ministers and mystics in our lives, no?

As it's not that the experience of being hurt is different for me or you... it's different for different mes. And a variety of yous... Yous yet to come...

Like the sharp pain occasionally felt by youthful couples or even within a stable, lasting marriage or any closely bound intimate human relationship.

These hurts provide fresh angles to view life's prisim.  

Reflecting light and truth to each other in diverse, unexpected and multifaceted (how I like that word 'multi-facted'...) ways.

Truth moves swiftly like a river and, when our minds are profoundly still, we are able to quietly watch and silently observe those various images, thoughts and directions flow across our minds.

For even very close friends can hurt each other. We all know that.  

Yet mere words or unexpected ideas shouldn't ruffle us and our closest relationships (too much...).

As there is a depth of knowing and understanding that takes time and perspective and change of location and the like to appreciate. 

Sometimes a quick and, possibly, sharp remark can shift reality and leave us uneasy or quesy in that unexpected frame within the reels of life.

After all, we, too, are often exceedingly mercurial creatures who change over time.


There is no one snapshot that holds each other; not you of me or me of you.

We each can change so much in the relatively brief time we know each other.

We change constantly through the day, even if we don't perceive this.

We do know it, feel it and observe it.

Yet, it takes time for us to observe and learn from those changes within ourselves, as well.

Thus the word, 'slight'' (which hurt you so much...) does not always mean something less, it can also mean an openness that never existed before.

To 'slightly' know is, in truth, to be in the process of knowing.

How many people do we never really even open that door? 

We meet, we acknowledge, but there is no process, no evolution, no perspective -- just definition.

A simple encirclement of their being by an impression or expression of a frozen mind.


Yes, 'slight' carries a cautious, expanding potential which is one of G-d's greatest gifts in this world to we simple struggling Earth-bound folks.

Did Maimonides state that?  Or Milarepa sing it?  Or the Pope decree it? 

Or me...  Nepal's Jew in the lotus... describe it?

Maybe it's time to raise 'slight' in a new more appreciated definition.

Looking through the narrow rock formations approaching Petra gives one a slight insight into the profound architectural beauty and magnificence that lies ahead.

Starting one's Talmudic studies gives one a slight awakening into the magnificent power and sublime mystery of the words of the immanent, approachable G-d.

Taking a Vipassana course offers the novitiate a slight insight into mindfulness and impermanence that opens up the mind in ways that may never have been experienced before.

Sharp words, like a sudden unexpected verbal 'slight', can offer a moment of preciptious, anxious revelation as they sunder spiritual materialism (as ChogyamTrungpa said...) or materialistic spiritualism or especially the dark, deep truth of constant love or friendship...

Not to wound the body or bleed superficial emotions -- but to crack the solidity of the stable mind and often too rigid thoughts.

From that mindful opening, we may learn to guide our thoughts to listen more deeply, ever more poignantly, personally, to the still vibrant humming world around us.

Aum Shalom.


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