Monday, November 12, 2012

Himalayan Spirit 8848

If you weren't aware of his dream... Joshua has just initiated his first 'start-up', as he'd planned, before he graduates from university.  It went live a few minutes ago.  

The company is called 'Himalayan Spirit 8848'.  Josh's producing, designing and marketing merino wool shawls, sweaters and the like, with Shakun, from Kathmandu, then sending them around the world.  The designs are beautiful and the material, of course, the highest quality merino wool from Nepal.  

I've put the company announcement on FB, but since not everyone does FB, I wanted to let people know, as well, by my blog.  For those of you with FB, Josh would really appreciate your 'liking' 'Himalayan Spirit 8848' to help him grow his clientele.  Also, if you can share the website widely with all of your 'friends' on FB, he'd really appreciate that, too.  For those who use email, please let your friends know about the website by email, as well!

Already, one friend from DC just wrote in to say that he'd made his first on-line purchase, too, so Josh's business is, if not actually 'booming', it's definitely begun in reality.  

Himalayan Spirit 8848 is now open for business!!

As they say, the start of any journey begins w/ a single step...

Thanks!  xoxo, K. 

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