Friday, September 7, 2012

Geoffrey's Death

All of this talk about holiness must be the start of the latest style.  Is it all books and words or do you really feel it, do you really feel it…”

Joni Mitchell, ‘Woman of Heart and Mind’

to a friend...

your deep, passionate, honest and revealing voice is so rare and rich and wondrous that it should be speaking at the conference on pilgrimage i will be attending, as well as at both the democratic and republican conventions, so that the american people can open their hearts and energies to the wealth of a world they see too often anxiously and antagonistically.  

your writing flows with an abundance and care and concern and energy that could power the lights of kathmandu if they would ever let women take charge of their bureaucratic and self-serving ministries.  your mind embraces all in your tantric way, taking in the higher elements and the earthen soil  in ways that mystify and purify our own actions-reactions-reflections.  i love it.  

alas, i am so sorry to hear about the passing/death of your dear musician friend.  i saw the news on emil's FB and immediately googled him, as i knew that he was a brother spirit to the soul of our dear friend.  of course, immediately, that gentle Vedic, melodic spirit emanated from his website with that balinese staircase to heaven greeting the first time visitor.  

there, the tropical nature g-ds implicit in our love of the garden of bounty and botany around us.  the recognition of a path that can carry us higher to visions of release, rejuvenation and restoration.  some of the pure agnostic, non-deistic visions of the spiritual world that have drawn us to the wealth of asia and kept us here over time.

yes, you, as well, more than most, are drawn to the shaivite world of pashupati and the cremation grounds from where the frail spirit is released.  it's a powerful ground of being, sans doubt, not for the meek or weak in mind or spirit.  maybe too strong and elemental for me in some ways.  

for it has its rough edge that tears away the complacency and quietude of the modern religious world, the secular theologians, protestants and reform jews, who prefer to deal with the social and political ambitions of man, not the darker currents of blood, lusts and decay that we have passed on to the darwinians and freudians of our recent century.  

yet there is power in these dark, elemental, sacred places.  we feel that.  the 'spiritum tremendum' of deeper energies, unseen forces and raw connection.  no images or names or academic rituals need to be conjured to know that the spirit lies sanctified in those stones and soil and substance.  

i felt it at vajra yogini the first time i visited on the edge of the kathmandu valley and in the cave under the dome of the rock on jerusalem's ancient and sacrificial hillock.  

whether we are pulled to these places of divinity b/c there is something originally in the land that ties our frail coils to the earth or there has accrued the ancient authority from our frail aspirations, i cannot say.  

but for those with their hearts in their heads and their minds in their blessed murtis, they know.  

simply know.  

i am sure it was good to go to such a site for geoffrey's passing.  death is the final ritual in this world.  there are no words, only actions and even those are manifestations of the inner connections that protect us, embrace us, guide us, soothe us as our lives swiftly course down the river of life.

for that, we also sit profoundly at the feet of aural muses, like beloved joni, who express so poetically and musically (like your friend geoffrey...) the deepest truths of our dreams, our loves, our lives...

oh, death, you inspire us as you destroy us...  

as life fulfills us as it leaves us...

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