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Lumbini, Nepal: Indigenous Buddhist Concerns

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Co-ordination for Preservation of Buddhists' Concerns, Nepal
                               National Co-ordination Council, Kathmandu

Mr. Ban ki Moon
United Nations
New York, NY 10017                                                                              Date: 8th-11-2011

Issue:   Deprived and endangered humanitarian crisis in Nepal for Buddhists.

Subject:  Appeal to caution the marauding of Buddhist cultures, heritage and historical sites by unlawful representation of Buddhists by non- Buddhist representatives seeking the support of the UN.

Dear Secretary-General,

Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha. We, indigenous Buddhists, until 1990 have been discriminated marginalized and persecuted under a Hindu state. After the Peoples’ movement in 2006, having overthrown the Hindu monarch, Nepal was declared a secular state and the Preamble of the Interim Constitution continued to specify Nepal as a democratic, republican, secular, federal, inclusive state.

We, Buddhists of Nepal, are compelled to bring to your attention the unjustifiable and unlawful representation of non-Buddhists marauding our historical, religious and, cultural heritage of profound significance.

Our appeal

However, the four party governments have obstructed and failed in drafting a constitution for the fourth time- seeking extension by holding its multi -ethnic, multi-religious peoples as bondage for the sole purpose of power brokerage. Besides the one-caste, multi-party government has seriously engaged itself in pro-activating ordinances, bills and pogroms unlawfully and unconstitutionally- marginalizing, discriminating and exploiting non- Hindu citizens.
At this critical juncture of historical transformation from a feudalistic state to a democratic state, our peoples and communities are deprived and endangered of equal rights and justice. We are continually experiencing the state run government repressing, encroaching and manipulating our historical, religious and cultural rights, based on our identity.
Protection of Buddhist rights in Secular Nepal.

Given the exigency of protecting Buddhist civilian rights in Nepal, we urge you to send several clear messages to Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal who is headed to meet you on Nov 8th 2011 in the UN to generate foreign aid in the development of Lumbini.

However, the records in the past have shown every pilot projects in Lumbini failed, due to the unwillingness to incorporate the free will of the Buddha, Dharma and the Sangha, without impartiality. Promoting Lumbini continued for the sole purpose of plundering and pillaging our historical religious site of great insignificance to its Buddhist citizens, to Nepal and for all Buddhists globally.

More recently, we are seeing many Buddhist seminars, programs and projects being implemented by non Buddhists without prior information, consultation and approval of the concerned Buddhist communities. The interim government is forcefully following oppressive Buddhist sanctions by unlawful representation.

The Humanitarian Crisis

Although Nepal generates the maximum interest for Mt.Everest and Lumbini internationally; nationally, those communities whose origin is connected in giving value to its importance continue to face humanitarian crisis. As Nepal has entered into an interim period of transformation, and the latest hostilities continue to be based on identity rights governed by discriminatory oppressive rule. 

As a result, such State manipulation in the name of Buddhists will have disastrous impact on the well-being of the Buddhist civilian population, depriving them of their identity rights and justice.
This unlawful process of seeking support for Lumbini projects- both APEC and UNIDO - without prior consultation with the concerned stake holders will not only compound the identity hostilities by confusion but will critically invite the conflict of neighboring states in particular, dragging the peace loving Buddhist civilians to a dangerous geo political crisis and threatening the very sovereignty of Nepal as a nation state.

Solution for Peace Building

To avoid such political manipulation of genuine stakeholders rights specified by -ILO 169,CERD,UNDRIP and UNESCO conventions, ratified by the Nepal government, we insist and urge your wise insight in taking maximum feasible precautions to protect civilians and avoid indiscriminate or disproportionate  ongoing hostilities assuming  under political entities violating the fundamental principles of international humanitarian law, distinction and proportionality .

As the humanitarian crisis deepens, we recommend you make several crucial points: Make clear to Mr. Dahal and his team representatives that any plan to raze Lumbini in the pretext of industrial development will not be tolerated under international humanitarian law by its own people

Non Buddhist Representatives for Buddhist Concerns

The current team does not represent Buddhist aspirations and concerns as they are non Buddhist practitioners; their representation for Buddhists cause is woefully inadequate to deliver and expand Buddhist well being both in spirit and development. They do not express any scholastic aptitude to promote Buddhist knowledge and interest and put at risk our own representation.


We welcome your calls for a thorough investigation into their plans to turn Lumbini or any Buddhist heritage sites into an industrial zone.  This is an alleged serious violation of international humanitarian law. We believe an impartial international investigation is required to look at sanctioning such master plans infringing the rights of the indigenous Buddhists as well as other rightful stake holders.

An international investigation would be an important way of demonstrating that the United Nations is deeply concerned about the fate of the stakeholders’ identity rights to drag us into further conflict. The investigation should look at not only intensifying such projects putting at risk the social, political and economic rights of its rightful stakeholders. A thorough investigation on the intent is of essential concern, as Mr. Dahal expresses his ambitious political strategy in overriding his moral obligation to the sovereignty of the country and its stake holders. Lumbini stands at this critical moment of uncovering key facts and thus encouraging all of us to truly establish peace in Lumbini as a symbolic peace zone where political parties cannot abuse authority.

Appeal to rights and justice

We see your office as the best route to establishing such an investigation. While we recognize that the focus of your intention of Mr. Dahal’s visit is to build peace in Lumbini, equally important is for you to investigate the political/ identity factors of such a visit which will not violate the will of civilian accountability.

We have called on the parties to respect our cultural dignity and rights and warning them that trespassing of our human rights is serious crime against the human spirit and law and will not be further tolerated. We are confident that technically being the Secretary General of the UN, symbolically we would like to consider you as the father of all nations for whom peace is not only a fact but a value of coexistence in Buddha‘s key message to humanity. We would appreciate in your full capacity to be the harbinger of peace.  You would be well advised to send an international team to investigate before such projects are approved. We believe that your announcement of an international investigation of the cause, consequences and effects on national stakeholders would not hinder protection of civilians and accountability for crimes committed.

We are calling on your common sense value to evaluate such unethical and manipulative proposal in our name. We are unwilling to accept any non Buddhist representation for Buddhist programs and projects without prior information and consent of our communities. In doing so, such unethical representation of Lumbini Development Program will be considered as deterring human violation and we will be obliged to take a decisive approach in guarding peace in our respective spiritual/religious sites by organizing our own community security force.

The international community must not only watch dog such predatory acts with diplomatic complacence but send a crucial message of supporting human rights values in protecting wholesale crimes against humanity.  In doing so, such crucial signal may help to deter future state violations.


Shakun Sherchand

   Council of Buddhist Organizations:
1. Nepal Buddhist Nagarik Samaj- Swayambhu
2. Nepal Tamang Boudha Samaj-Swayambhu
3. Manang Samaj Sewa Samiti-Swayambhu
4. Tamang Ekta Samaj – Swayambhu
5. Rastriya Karuna Pratistan
6. Pavitra Pyaldor Samaj
7. Nepal Helmu Samaj
8. Akhil Nepal Himali Boudha Sangh
9. Dharma datu Foundation
10.  Hariviya Varna Mahavihar
11.  Himali Helmu Cheli Beti Sangh Samaj
12.  Dolkha Tamang Ekta Manch
13.  Boudha Jagaran Kendra
14.  Tamang Saling
15.  Thakali Sewa Samaj
16.  Kungram Foundation
17.  Gyang Ghuti Hyopen
18.  Dharmadhara
19.  Rinzesan Foundation Ghumba-Pharping
20.  Samdeybing Gumba –Boudha
21.  Manang Bikas Samiti
22.  Dolpa Ekta Samaj
23.  Buddha Kala Kendra
24.  Nepal Tamang Rastriya Mahasang
25.  Thupten Ghagailing Ghumba-Swayambu
26.  Nepal Sherpa Sangh
27.  Bhalwadi Maitrik Sewa Samiti
28.  Kunsadling Bikash Samaj-Kavre
29.  Swayambu Sewa Samaj
30.  Tharu Kalyankari Sava
31.  Tamu Sewa Samiti
32.  Helmu Samaj Sewa Kendra
33.  Tharu Adivasi Gairsarkari Mahasangh
34.  NepalTamang Boudha Samaj-Swayambu
35.  Sherpa Sewa Kendra –Boudha
36.  Sindhupalchowk Sherpa Samaj-Sindhupalchowk
37.  Sindhupalchowk Sherpa Sangh –Sindhupalchowk
38.  Bardiyali Tharu Bikash Manch
39.  Shanti Vidyalaya Boudha
40.  Jhaipung Chokpa-Sindhupalchowk
41.  Nepal Helmu Mahila Sangh Boudha
42.  The Unity of  Damfhu
43.  Mailung Tamamng Sewa Kendra
44.  Nepal Ahamshibadi Boudha Dharma Bishwa Shanti Chakra Sangh –Nawalparasi
45.  Kiti Bihar Ghyanmala Samuha
46.  Siniyo Nepal Boudha
47.  Ningma Fondation of Nepal –Jorpati
48.  Sailung Samaj Sewa Kendra-Dolakha
49.  Nepal Tamang Lama Ghedung
50.  Choi Phelkundaling Gompa  Lisankho
51.  Adivasi Mahila Uthan Samaj-Pepsicola
52.  Boudha Sampadha Sangh-Bhaktapur 
53.  Dipankar Gyanmala Bhajankhala-Bhaktapur
54.  Parampara Boudha Dharma Sangh- Bhaktapur
55.  Indarbana Mahavihar – Bhaktapur
56.  Munivihar- Bhaktapur
57.  Samtenling Gompha-Boudha
58.  Jyapu Samaj-Lalitpur
59.  Tamang Lungdtok Dechan Gompa-Lalitpur
60.  Vajrakirti Mahavihar- Ombahal
61.  Siddhimangal Boudhavihar- Lalitpur
62.  Nepal Boudha Parisad
63.  Meh Yubha Samaj-Kathmandu
64.  Manjushree Mahavihar-  Kathmandu
65.  Mahayana Buddhist Society
66.  Kopan Ani Gompa
67.  Dharmashila Boudhavihar-Pokhara
68.  Nagadesh Boudha Samuha
69.  Nepal Boudha Samaj-Tahachal
70.  Nagi Gompa-Budanilkanta
71.  Tamu Boudha Samiti Nepal
72.  Yubha Boudha SamuhaSangaram-Pokhara
73.  Boudhavihar Akcheswar-Makwanpur
74.  Yeshodhara Samaj Sewa Parishad-Lalitpur
75.  Kanching Sedep Singha Seto Gompa- Boudha
76.  Kendriya Dayak Parisad- Kathmandu
77.  Budhha Jayanti Samaro Samiti-Lalitpur
78.  Buddha Jayanti Samaro Samiti- Kathmandu
79.  Ananda Kuti Vihar-Kathmandu
80.  Akhil Nepal Vikchu Mahasangh-Kathmandu
81.  Chesum Pancho Konjyo Gompa-Kavre
82.  Parampara Gompa Rmaechap (Podi)
83.  Acharya Pujabidhi Lalitpur
84.  Punyadaya Vihar –Harisidhi –Lalitpur
85.  Mayurvarna Mahabihar- Lalitpur
86.  Pragatishil Gramin Mahila Bikash- Nuwakot
87.  Yubha Boudha Mandal- Lalitpur
88.  Nepal Boudha Parishad- Jyobahal
89.  Mehtok Choling Gompa-Makwanpur Dadakharka
90.  Rinchin Phodel Gompa-Pharping
91.  Vajrachariya  Samrakchan Guti-Lalitpur
92.  Nagarmnadap Shree Kirti Bihar-Lalitpur
93.  Dharmakirti Adhyan Gosti- Lalitpur
94.  Samyak Dharma Samaj- Kathmandu
95.  Swayambhu Sarsafai Samiti
96.  CChesang Gompa  -Boudha
97.  Antarastriya Bhabana Kendra-Buddhanagar
98.  Helmu Kagyu Sangh Latok- Boudha

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