Saturday, October 29, 2011

How's death? Does it feel good?

A Ten Year Old's Email to Her Deceased Dog

To:          Gumbi in Heaven
From:     Leah at Home
Date:      August 06, 2011

Dear Gumbi,

I miss you so much! 

Did you see your Mom and Dad in heaven?   Is it nice there?

Do you miss me?

I got a new cat.  She reminds me of you.

Did you see Fudge in heaven?  Does he miss me?

Did you see the ducks?

Did you see all the cats we ever had?  Did you like them?

How's death?  Does it feel good?

I miss you.  I try to remember, but it is hard.

Do you have friends?

Did you see Pappa?

Do you see me from there?

Love, love you 100 times,


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Anonymous said...

Hi Keith,

Thank you for your kind words about my blog, Songs from the Wood. I enjoyed reading about you. I was touched by your daughter's poem, especially from someone so young. I wish her a good life. I liked the poems on your blog too.

Best wishes,