Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Churning, Whizzing, and Whirrrling of the World around Ezra

Hey Phamily,

Whoosh! Josh is gone, I'm gone, we're all going -- but where to, where to?

In relation to each other, in a spacial context, I suppose we are forever moving apart now, then back together, moving apart now and then back together.

Never at the same distance apart.

However, through the lens which we see the world (our own lens) it seems less so that we are moving and more so that the world is churning, whizzing, and whirrrling.

I have indeed heard of "Looking for Eric", in fact I have watched it! It is a really wonderful little film (funny how we use little describe things we find quaint when really it is only as little or large as any other film). I suppose I also mean little in that it doesn't claim to have the scope or breadth of all the world -- instead it focuses on one man and his pains and struggles to come to terms with the churning, whizzing, and whirrrling of the world around him.

Perhaps I am biased, as a Manchester United fan, but it really was wonderful -- technically, I believe, it is a 'comedy', but it doesn't allow that tag to inhibit it from telling a story. Lovely.

Speaking of lovely films, several weeks back we watched a beautiful film -- we almost saw it in New York once -- it's a Japanese film called 'Departures'. I forget if you guys saw it, but if you haven't, get a hold of it. I really enjoyed it.

You didn't tell me about Patricia and Phillipe -- it's been a while since I've seen either of them -- I'm sorry to hear about their problems. Still, it seems to me that perhaps Patricia's anger is justified and the murky politics of Nepal only continues to get murkier. How the tides turn. It seems that being Tibetan is no longer the 'in' thing it once was -- sad, but true as they search for a home.

As I'm sure you've heard the proposed mosque at ground zero has raised similar passions here in Amrika -- there seem to be so many truths and pains and justice-deserved that there is no right or wrong. A web of wrong-doings that only creates more anger. Makes you want to reject the 'real' world, as Arendt would say, and simply collapse into your 'own' world.

I don't know what my plans for October break are (I don't really have the need to plan that far ahead, I don't even know when my October break is), but I'd be happy to do a trip on the road with you. Just give me specific dates, and I'll tell you what I think. We can figure it out.

Other than that, we made a scarecrow out on the main lawn today after dinner of dolmades, foccacia, hibiscus tea, and cookies.

There is also a fair in Bishop coming up so Karen (the Mitchells are the resident Christian family who have been here for 12+ years; her husband, Ken, is the ranch manager and they live here with their three daughters) is taking a bunch of stuff and has arranged for students to bring the scarecrow, some beef jerky, baked goods, and other stuff from the garden.

As for classes, the next two weeks are sort of trial periods -- right now I'm deciding between Tolstoy & Kafka (thats almost definite), 'Freedom and the State' (that is also pretty certain), and then I have to decide between a Congo/African-colonial-history-type-thing class, 'People & Plants', 'Ethics', or 'Tragedy & Politics'. I'm not entirely sure what all of them are about, but I'll let you know when I find out.

Tomorrow I'll head to 'Freedom and the State' for which we read a Kant essay on 'Enlightenment.' The teachers I've met seem great though, so I'm excited.

Peace frogs. Ezi

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