Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rock Gardens in the Backyard

Well, I"ve just gotten my w/end exercise. Not ultimate frisbee yet over at St. Xavier's w/ a much younger crowd, but still digging out my karma in my own backyard.

I put in nearly two hours yesterday and another two this morning moving soil, a bit Sisyphean, of course, like so many of life's efforts, but it feels good to reveal the under-land depth of these beautiful boulders, plus the physicalness of the work, as opposed to sitting at a desk composing literary emails, feels robust and healthy-minded when I've got the time to be home.

Plus (another Jewish reason to justify a simple act of well-being...), there is beauty being revealed and created, mefeels. Slowly the rocks show themselves, with their curves, colors and creative potential.

Then, when I add the succulents or low bamboo around their shapes, there is a visible contrast that appeals to the mind and our love of beauty.

So, the act of moving a shovel seems to offer a Platonic plateau of being that lifts me from my Sunday torpor into the elevated realms of creation.

Not bad, when reflected upon...

As I sit here at the iMac, I am also enjoying trundling through the collection of e-music Ez left me on iTunes. Ever trying organize things even as I can be the less organized of souls.

Swinging from the need to find categories (blame Aristotle...) in which to arrange my life, thoughts, papers, photos, music et al to letting it all just float by in the swirl of life's ambiguities and charms, like the clouds over Shivapuri's ridge.

I guess that would be Pythagoras, in a way. The sound of the universe.

Or, Apollo, the god of such ethereal gifts to we mortals.

Music is another of life's gifts.

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