Sunday, March 28, 2010

Email Xchange a/ Friend on the Nature of Man & THE

the THE or EHT may be enough...  for me, frail and all-too-human, as i be, will linger on the cusp of full embrace to keep an eye on the janus nature of the world around me before finally and fully embracing the THE when it's time to fall deeply, fully, eternally into the oTHEr.  

fully and sans regret!

On Mar 22, 2010, at 9:12 PM, S. wrote:
it IS enough...IF we could live  forever...the shadow of death makes it just only God, when we can connect to the THE (that's my new name for divinity) through the gate of our longing and our joy..and le femme....the life giving MORE of attraction, love, fantasy, as well as family, hearth the spinehard generational empassing.  

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 5:21 PM, Keith Leslie wrote:

true.  it's not hubris, but that compassion that comes w/ the human incarnation, as difficult as it is to believe some days.  still, we are blended race, full of joy, love and self-deceit.  no easy answers to the good questions.  

i see the true souls struggling while the easy riders slide through life.  friends who give so much and are given so little, except the love they deserve.  while the clever glide by in their conceit.  yet, yet, yet... we see such in all countries and cities.  

it's an old story, no?  bibilical in resonance and repititon.  but, there are those dickensian souls for whom g-d keeps the world alive and sensitive to the turmoil and torments of existence.  the g-d of little things, isn't she?  

or obama fulfilling his temporary promise w/ a few, modest few votes to reform healthcare for 330 million americans.  

or matisyahu singing his paens to the beauty in the world!  (ezi downloaded a few hundred songs for me before he returned to the usofa...).   "one day, stop with the violence, sing a song of freedom land!  one day.  one day.  one day.  all my life i've been waiting for, praying for, for the people..."  

it's a good fight, brother s..  a fight worth living for.  love and the battle for beauty and compassion.  with a few good books and some enchanting movies, it's almost enough...   

On Mar 22, 2010, at 8:48 PM, S. wrote:
thanks man...I needed that nourishing side of you, otherwise I would be sad thinking you thinking me as on the side of hubris or worse. but what can you do? you have to try...right?
On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 5:06 PM, Keith Leslie wrote:

true, friend, it's a struggle to get folks to rise above their doubts and cynicism, altho their hearts still tell them there is good to be done and i'm sure you enjoy the struggle for good.  

i had many such years at save the children and loved it!  writing letters annually to our benefactors and cajoling usaid and individuals about the good deeds that we were doing.  even now, i get some latent satisfaction from those years.  the individuals we invested in among the dalit, tamang and tharu communities are now running their own NGOs or working for bilaterals or within UNDP.  these are opportunities were beyond their reach a decade or two ago.  

it's a good feeling that lingers years after the hard work, plus the satisfaction of others' appreciation in nepal for the years passed.  you'll enjoy the same here as time goes by.  the investment is well-set and now it's oiling the equipment and building the organization.  

enjoy every moment, as it, like so much, passes all too quickly.  then we can stroll up here on the roof and enjoy reflecting on the world below.  finis operis.   your friend, over here, keith

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