Saturday, August 2, 2008

Memories of Lovely Time with the Ellenbergs in Oregon

"Images of seeing someone on email anytime I passed through the kitchen or living areas for 10 days linger...

Along with dearest Shakun gliding around the kitchen cooking with her shawl on, or keeping warmer on the beach with her shawl on, or picking out the flattest and smoothest of rocks with her shawl comfortably wrapped about her.

Echoes of family debate time, too, linger and rest gently on my mind. Leah and Iris beading with Lisa, digging and damming on the beach, and reading stories are pictures too sweet for words.

Shmoozing about our lives and the world at large are times I always cherish.

And the dessert course at Andina will be long remembered -- though I've already forgotten the 3 flavors of creme broule I received."

Dave's Impressions of the Leslie-chans at Arch Cape and at home in Portland

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