Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Morning Letter from Leah to Joshua in America

Hi, Joshua,

Leah wants to know if Josh has seen Fudge's bad eye. Fudge is taking seven shots for his bad eye. Today is his last day for taking shots. He was in a fight outside and his eye was all bloody.

Leah also wants to know if it's night in New York for you, Joshua.

Also, how big are you now? Did you get bigger while you were away?

Did you see the leaves in our garden? The guavas are getting ripe! Come, quick, otherwise in winter the guavas will be gone and cold.

But, can't you come afterwards, but you never let me put on the christmas tree. I promise no lights this time, though.

Did you see the flowers, too? Aren't they nice?

If you come here soon, you will see my lantern, my camera and my menu food that I made. If you come here, you will see a lot of things that I made, like cameras and baskets. I think I will make a basket soon. But I don't know about that.

Goodbye, Joshua. I'm tired now.

love, Leah

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