Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Note from Joshua, our Massachusetts Pilgrim Son

Hey Mum and Dad,

Sorry i missed the call on Saturday, but we had a school dance and the texting back to Nepal did not really work.

The last few days have been really fun, but tough. It was my first proper weekend here at NMH and i enjoyed it. On Friday, we had this dodgeball game and it was really fun. It was against the freshman and we have so much dorm spirit. It was like going to a soccer game and having all the fans chanting. We ended up demolishing the freshman 4-1 or something like that. The fourth floor embarassed us by losing to them very badly.

The next morning i missed part of soccer practice because I forgot to turn on my alarm clock, so I ended up missing the first half and could only play about another half hour because I had to go to the mall in order to pick up somethings that I needed to buy. The mall was pretty fun, I went with a few of my friends, but ended up shopping alone. It was a nice escape from being around everyone all the time. I bought a computer mouse, dress shoes and a tie on the credit card so if you get any bills that should be it.

Then on Saturday we had a dance and it was so crazy, I mean 600 people in the gym I literally just stared for five minutes feeling so much culture shock and out of place. I mean this was dancing in a very sexual way, and in Lincoln that never happens, so I was a little bit stunned. I decided to hang with the other equally shocked people and I just relaxed and danced and had a really good time.

Sunday it rained so hard and I got really wet coming up from psat practice. However, before convocation, it stopped, so it was on. I had new dress shoes which are pretty nice, a pink/purple tie, my suit and the black overcoat mom made. I looked really good, and it felt nice dressing up.

Then on Monday class resumed and it has been going pretty well. My favorite class is US history because the teacher is absolutely fabulous. He is so much like C-fair at Lincoln, but from the Northeast. He is really funny, and knows how to make the class enjoyable, but serious.

Yesterday was the best soccer practice i had in my life. I was not even tired at all and I just ran and ran and played awesomely. The weather was cold and rainy, so perfect to play football. The JV team is really fun. I made one really good friend through it. He is from Egypt and he is a nice guy. I chill with him a lot too.

Tomorrow is a really nice day as class ends at 9:15 for me. I have a bit of homework to catch up on, so I will do that. I will also probably take a nap to catch up on sleep that I have been deprived of. Tomorrow is also our first game so I am really excited; it should be fun. I can't wait. Anyway, I am going to get to some homework.

Love you guys very much and I miss you a lot, Joshua

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madhav Rosyara said...

doing great !
ok have fun